How to Refresh Your Signature Scent

How to Refresh Your Signature Scent

Have you ever wanted to change that signature scent but have no idea how to start choosing? 

Here are a few pointers we would "suggest". 

  • Identify the familiar notes that attracted you to this fragrance. Remember, personal preferences vary, so trust your own judgment rather than relying on others' preferences. Otherwise, you may end up with a fragrance that you don't like, wasting both your money and your personal satisfaction.


  • When transitioning scents for the first time, consider choosing something similar to what you already have but with a hint of a fragrance that you wouldn't typically wear. This will allow you to explore new scents while still adopting a familiar aroma.



  •  If you encounter someone wearing an appealing fragrance that piques your interest, politely inquire about its name and seek an opportunity to test it on yourself prior to making a purchase.


  • Mix a couple of your preferred fragrances sparingly. Begin with your least favorite fragrance, followed by your second best, and finish with your first choice. Consider adding a subtle extra layer if desired. You can also switch the order and start with your least favorite fragrance if preferred.
 Share some of your suggestions let us know what you would do to make a transition.










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