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Bond No. 9 New York Off-Broadway 3.4 oz

Bond No. 9 New York Off-Broadway 3.4 oz

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Roll out the red carpet for Off-Broadway! We don't know when theaters will reopen, but Bond No. 9 New York is proud to present an optimistic new fragrance that pays homage to one of New York City's greatest traditions. You could say she's a little sister to the iconic Broadway Nite, but she's no shy flower.

"It's not a quiet fragrance, it's quite noisy and effusive," says Bond No. 9 founder and president Laurice Rahmé. Like "Hamilton" (which debuted off-Broadway), this edgy floriental scent is destined to be a major hit.

While the Great White Way has always set the standard, Off-Broadway maintains its roots as an avant-garde alternative where productions with great promise can bloom into big stars. After all, plenty of the most famous plays and musicals got their start there, including "Rent," "A Chorus Line," and "Dear Evan Hansen," just to name a few. Off-Broadway marches to the beat of its own drum and offers a similarly intimate, creative joie de vivre.

The color red is truly emblematic of the theatre, from the rich velvet curtains to the carpet laid out to celebrate the players. Here, the classic Silhouette Bottle with a truly festive and regal scarlet logo design that pays homage to the holidays and all the Off-Broadway-esque drama they bring.

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